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The requested document is not available.

Help information


Identifies the client (given by FE)


Security token generated by your application (contact FE on how to implement this)

&Fundcode= , &citicode= , &sedolcode= , &isincode= , &APIRcode=

One of the above must be specified.


Empty = Old way of processing non unit level
Unit = Unit level only (default)
Fund = fund level only
Fund,Unit = Fund then unit level
Unit,Fund = Unit then fund
Fund+Unit = Search both Fund and unit returning latest

Help = Parameter help


FS = Factsheet
KF = KeyFeatures
MA = MainDocumentType
RF = ManagersReportFinal
RI = ManagersReportInterim
PR = Prospectus
SP = SimplifiedProspectus
KS = KeyFactStatement
KI = KeyInvestorInformation
PH = ProductHighlightSheet
TR = TaxReport
PM = Priip MOP
PK = Priip Fund Guide/Priip Kid
MR = backward compatability (= RF+RI)
RF+RI = Both ManagersReportFinal and ManagersReportInterim are included and the latest returned
(Any combination can be used)
RF,RI = Will first look for ManagersReportFinal and if not found then look for ManagersReportInterim.
(Any combination can be used)


Please note unless specified default searching always falls back on non country specific documents empty = all non country specific (default i.e. '*')
* = non country specific
GB = UnitedKingdom
HK = HongKong
SG = Singapore
...... (there are others but they are not all listed)

GB+* = Both 'GB' and '*' non specified are searched and the latest returned.
(any country combination can be used)
GB,* = will first look for 'GB' then if not found it will look for '*' non specified. (any country combination can be used)
GB = Same same GB,*
HK+SG,GB,* = is also supported i.e look both for HK and SG return latest if not found GB if not found non specific.
HK+SG,GB = same as HK+SG,GB,*


empty = all languages (default)
1 = English
2 = ChineseTraditional
3 = ChineseSimplified
4 = GermanStandard
5 = French
6 = Spanish
7 = Czech
8 = Italian
2+1 = Both ChineseTraditional and English are searched and the latest returned
(any language combination can be used)
2,1 = will first look for ChineseTraditional then if not found it will look for English
(any language combination can be used)


Look for that latest document up to the date specified. Format yyyy-MM-dd


This parameter should only be provided when requesting Priip MOPs (PM) or product specific versions of Priip Fund Guides(PK) or Priip Kids(PK)


Switch on debugging information